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Who cares about napkins?  Who cares about tiny squares of cut-up tissue paper, designed to throw away, designed for disposal, designed for no other reason than to halfway sanitize the disgusting moments in our lives?
Who. Cares?
That’s the question I asked myself, time and time again, as I grew up the ubiquitous Napkin Kid (or… NapKid) of Silicon Valley.  My parents, good hardworking people, had slowly built up their tiny empire on the backs of custom printed tissue paper, and I stood there, silently scoffing at any attempt they made to make me interested in their “boring” product.
And then I grew up.
Now, my life still revolves around that question… who cares about napkins? Why should anyone care about this throwaway product?  Napkins are the hospitality industry’s annoyance, a necessary product, a necessary expense, and… so boring.
And yet… they’re not.  And every day, I’m trying to convince the world of what my NapKid self did not understand, of the inherent intrigue and usefulness of t…

"Good" Napkins versus "Bad" Napkins

We've all been there... reaching for a napkin with sloppy hands only to find some flimsy, shreddable thing that disintegrates in your hand, and you find yourself using five, six, seven... just to stop this onslaught of "mess" you've suddenly formed, bits of tissue now everywhere.

That, my friends, is a bad napkin.

In theory, no napkin is inherently "bad;" they all serve different purposes.  Why then, do we so often encounter the above situation?

Superficially, the cost/benefit analysis of napkins is easy to understand.  Napkins are a necessary commodity, therefore a necessary expense.  Try to minimize the expense by getting the minimum specs possible.  Everyone is happy.

Except probably not.

Napkins are not created equal.  You have one, two, three plys.  You have beverage napkins, dinner napkins, linen-like guest towels...  You have custom printed, or blanks.  The correct napkin for you correlates with your product, and the ambiance you wish to set.

A high…

Color Branding

Corporate color branding is hard to do...
But at least we've got your napkins covered!

Custom Paper Napkin Sizing

Here at Napkins-Only, we strive to bring you the highest quality product at the lowest possible price, all while maximizing your artwork quality and maintaining the endless customizable possibilities for which we are known.  With 25color options for napkins and near-infiniteoptions for ink, we can satisfy your every artistic napkin need.
We provide standard tissue and paper linen napkins.  Our tissue napkins are always 100% recycled and formulated with up to 80% post-consumer material.  Our paper linen napkins, a thicker, stronger product more akin to traditional cotton or polyester cloth napkins, are formulated with 90% cellulose pulp.  Both products are manufactured entirely in the USA and certified by the USDA.
We supply napkins in 1-, 2-, and 3-ply varieties.  “Ply” refers to napkin thickness or quality.  A 1-ply napkin is composed of a single sheet of tissue, often embossed all over to increase its wet strength.  A 2-ply napkin is composed of two sheets of tissue. Similarly, a 3-pl…

Napkins for Manhattan Hotel Lobby

Four panel kraft cocktail napkin:

Upscale hotels commonly have in-lobby coffee bars, and most will provide napkins.  The most savvy hotels often custom print their beverage napkins, usually with the hotel logo.  But this upscale Manhattan hotel took it a step further and printed effective step-by-step instructions for operating their single-serve pod coffee maker on all four panels of their beverage napkins.

The hotel chose our kraft napkins, a natural fiber blend with a light brown color, common to coffee bars. The print is simple: one-color black ink, in an easy-to-read, inviting font. The front panel reads, "GET BREWING - open here," whereas the middle two panels reveal six how-to steps for operating the coffee maker.

The final design proves effective.  The napkin itself, a necessary staple for the Manhattan hotel, now serves a purpose beyond wiping up spills.  Guests brew their own coffee, and hotel employees are free to attend to other matters.

The back panel presents a …