QR Codes - ScanNap - And The Marketing Wave


If ever the time were right to "web-enable" your printed napkin - it is right here and right now...

Interest in the "QR code", which stands for quick response code (invented by the DensoWave Corporation of Japan), has absolutely taken off as of late. This is a result of companies, brands and agencies all searching for new and more effective way to gain attention and engage interactively with their customers. Take a peek at the chart above. It comes directly from Google Insights and clearly documents the number of searches for the phrase "QR Code" from 2004 to present.

QR code readers are now shipping factory installed on all Google Android phones. A QR code reader for the popular BlackBerry device is bundled into the new BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 upgrade. As of this writing, there are no fewer that 16 separate QR code reader apps available for the iPhone in Apple's iTunes Store. In addition, there are numerous after market readers readily available for most every older mobile device as well.

Finally! The stage is set, North America is ready for the coming wave of QR code marketing mania. Follow this weblog and tell your friends about us as we provide you with real world, actionable, intelligent and affordable marketing ideas for your industry sector.

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