ScanNap for the Film Festival

The ScanNap digital cocktail napkin is perfectly suited for the international film festival, music festival, or other similar events. On any given day, of any particular week of the year, there is a film festival event in progress somewhere on the globe. The red carpet stars of these special events are the actual filmmakers themselves, and regardless as to their level of experience or credential, they all crave exactly the very same thing: public mass media exposure of their art. Que the innovative new ScanNap "web-enabled" cocktail napkin from Napkins-Only.

While doubling as a moisture barrier for your adult beverage, in reality, this product is a very clever content delivery system for the mobile web. It is capable of streaming a film makers' video trailer directly to the mobile handset of the film festival attendee. ScanNap effectively bridges the offline physical world to the online digital world using low-cost, printed paper tissue, as its delivery medium. Using the popular QR code, the product is capable of launching, delivering and embedding any form of digital content directly into the consumer's hand held mobile device - while they relax between screenings - completely captive to the ScanNap promotional cocktail napkin. What's more - once scanned, the mobile content, streaming video, calendar of events, or digital promotion might then easily be shared with every contact within the address book of the users device. In addition, all scan conversions are measurable and complete scan metric analytics reporting data is provided by Napkins-Only with every campaign.

To ensure record levels of attendance, film festival organizers, volunteers, and sponsors can effectively mass deploy their ScanNap promotional cocktail napkin campaign into all of the finer public venues located within their host cities as well as the surrounding communities. This is best accomplished well in advance of the actual event date to better increase event awareness amongst the locals. In this way, the event organizers are able to promote good-will directly with the local business owners. Bars, pubs, nightclubs, theaters and restaurants will all benefit from the increased levels in traffic attributable to the event.

Once deployed, ScanNap quickly becomes an important interactive tool linking the public to the festival. Event organizers are capable of allowing the public direct access to view exclusive trailers and vote for their favorites before they premiere. At the conclusion of the festival, during the after party events, the public can again be engaged to vote for their favored film. We can easily create a landing page linking film trailers, event schedules, online ticketing options, "Click-2-Call" ticket sales, geo-targeted maps, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other social media link. Please take a moment a moment to preview ScanNap live in action at the 2010 Edmonds International Film Festival. We look forward to working with you to ensure that this year is your most successful event ever!

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