ScanNap for Catering - Printed Napkins That Can Auto-Dial Your Sales & Catering Line

Imagine if your branded catering napkin could actually "auto-dial" your Sales & Catering line directly! ScanNap for Catering can do just that and much more...

Professional catering companies have long understood the effectiveness and importance of branding their name on traditionally printed paper napkins. The caterer is all to happy to supply its own branded napkin to captive audiences of potential new future prospects who will view their napkin for the entire duration of the catered event. The ScanNap interactive napkin from Napkins-Only takes this promotional branding effort to an entirely new and different level!

ScanNap for catering actually offers you and your prospective new customers much more functionality than a traditional desk top web page. It provides for a "Click-To-Call" smart phone link which allows your new prospect to easily AUTO DIAL your Sales & Catering line directly from your ScanNap branded napkin. This sales conversion from prospect to new customer occurs at just the right moment during which they are most enjoying your professionalism and fine delicacy!

Your ScanNap essentially acts as a digital bridge. It allows you to effortlessly deliver and embed your rich "online digital world" content and deposit it into the mobile devices of relaxed "offline physical world" consumer prospects. In addition to the "Click-To-Call" feature, your ScanNap
is also capable of effectively delivering your digital promotional coupons, social media "Check-In Deals", your local search site links, online menu's, photo galleries, featured videos, newsletter and/or blog invitations, testimonials, and anything else that you might imagine linking to. What's more, once delivered to your prospects mobile device, your valuable offer is sure to be retained well after the conclusion of the actual event where now it can easily be shared with friends and family within the devices contact list - as well as their entire social media networks following.  It is amazing to consider that these new and exponentially powerful mobile marketing opportunities for the caterer are all available from a simple, affordable, piece of tissue paper (the least costly offline printed medium available).

If your catering company currently uses a traditionally printed napkin for your events, we will ScanNap upgrade you at NO CHARGE. Simply advise as to where you would like us to link your ScanNap and attach your high resolution logo graphic in an e-mail to:

Lastly, your ScanNap results are fully measurable. You will receive complete scan metric analytics reporting with your ScanNap digital napkin. ScanNap for catering truly leverages the power of the mobile internet with the proven effectiveness of the traditionally branded printed paper napkin for catered events!  Call us right now to get started today!

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Some additional effective linking ideas:
  • Your Local Search Site Links
  • Your Companies Catering Menu
  • Your Menu's Photo Gallery
  • Your Catering Videos / Testimonials
  • Your Social Media Links
  • Your Facebook Places "Check-In" DEALS
  • Your Yelp Site with "Offers"
  • Your Mobile Twitter Feed
  • Your Blog and/or Newsletter invitation

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  1. I must say, this is a brilliant idea! This can help you contact nyc catering services from a friend's wedding or a colleague's.

  2. Exactly right! Your link above could resolve to your event prospects mobile devices, from your low cost ScanNap printed event napkin.

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  4. ScanNap for catering - printed napkins that can auto-dial your sales and catering line is just awesome. This really takes this promotional branding effort to an entirely new and different level. Fantastic job!

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  5. This makes catering services easy to click. This would really make more people choose catering instead cooking on their own because it is easier to just click instead of cook different cuisines. Jerky Australia


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