It appears that SMS marketing might soon be replaced by the more versatile QR code.  More and more brands are turning to QR codes in place of SMS text messaging to promote marketing campaigns, mobile promotions and rich social media experiences.  According to Brock Brereton of ScanNap™, creator of the first digital cocktail napkin, the QR code is superior to SMS in that the scan metrics are fully measurable, the code matrix are re-programmable, the codes are capable of delivering any form of digital content from a wide range of low cost substrates and most importantly - it is a far more user friendly experience for the end user consumer while offering substantial cost savings and lower barriers to entry for the mobile marketeer.

According to an article on Mobile Marketer: “Nowadays, consumers cannot go a day without seeing a QR code – whether it is on a cocktail napkin, magazine page, billboard or bus shelter. In past years, SMS "calls to actions" were seen just about everywhere.  However, many current mobile marketing experts are not incorporating SMS, opting instead for the QR code to drive user engagement.”

While SMS is still a popular form of marketing, QR codes are more interactive and engaging to consumers, the article went on to note. “SMS gives brands an easy, broad reaching and low cost means of consumer communication via the mobile channel – and as you know, is ubiquitous, but it lacks the rich media experience that QR codes can deliver.”

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As evidence, many companies are beginning to replace the standard key-ring tags used for their loyalty programs with QR codes, which customers can scan for themselves to redeem their rewards.  This trend is likely to continue along with more innovative deployment on lower cost substrates.  The least costly offline printed medium available is tissue paper, making ScanNap™ QR code printed cocktail napkins a logical choice for highly profitable R.O.I. for the mobile marketing dollar.  Combine this with the incredibly long individual page views obtainable by ScanNap™ from the completely captive patrons within sports bars, internet cafe's, airlines, entertainment venues and sporting complexes and you have the ideal low cost digital content delivery system to promote your own brand on the mobile web.

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