Napkins for Manhattan Hotel Lobby

Four panel kraft cocktail napkin:

Upscale hotels commonly have in-lobby coffee bars, and most will provide napkins.  The most savvy hotels often custom print their beverage napkins, usually with the hotel logo.  But this upscale Manhattan hotel took it a step further and printed effective step-by-step instructions for operating their single-serve pod coffee maker on all four panels of their beverage napkins.

The hotel chose our kraft napkins, a natural fiber blend with a light brown color, common to coffee bars. The print is simple: one-color black ink, in an easy-to-read, inviting font. The front panel reads, "GET BREWING - open here," whereas the middle two panels reveal six how-to steps for operating the coffee maker.

The final design proves effective.  The napkin itself, a necessary staple for the Manhattan hotel, now serves a purpose beyond wiping up spills.  Guests brew their own coffee, and hotel employees are free to attend to other matters.

The back panel presents a clear call-to-action, calling guests to doodle on the back. "Some of the best ideas are found scribbled on the back of a napkin," it reads. "Go ahead and see what you come up with." The panel encourages guest engagement and feedback, and adds a subtle flair of art and creativity to the guest's experience.

Overall, the custom print job proves effective.  The necessary hospitality staple has been elevated to a product with multiple uses.  The napkin simultaneously acts as serviette, instructional booklet, and art project, and the hotel gets more use out of an otherwise inevitable business expense.


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