Custom Paper Napkin Sizing

At Napkins-Only, we strive to bring you the highest quality product at the lowest possible price, all while maximizing your artwork quality and maintaining the endless customizable possibilities for which we are known. With 25 color options for napkins and near-infinite options for ink, we can satisfy your every artistic napkin need.

Aspects of Paper Napkin:


We provide standard tissue and paper linen napkins. Our tissue napkins are always 100% recycled and formulated with up to 80% post-consumer material. Our paper linen napkins, a thicker, stronger product similiar to traditional cotton or polyester cloth napkins, are formulated with 90% cellulose pulp. Both products are manufactured entirely in the USA and certified by the USDA.


We supply 1-, 2-, and 3-ply napkins. “Ply” refers to napkin thickness or quality. A 1-ply napkin is composed of a single sheet of tissue, usually embossed all over to increase its wet strength. A 2-ply napkin is composed of two sheets of tissue. Similarly, a 3-ply napkin is composed of three sheets of tissue. As expected, both napkin strength and absorbency increase with increasing ply; a 3-ply napkin absorbs more thoroughly than 1-ply napkin.

Embossing Patterns:

As per industry standard, all tissue napkins come with one of three embossing patterns: facial, semi-crepe, or pebbled. Facial napkins have a smooth surface and an embossing pattern (commonly called a “coined edge”) along two sides of the product. Semi-crepe napkins have an embossing pattern throughout the entire napkin (no coin edge) and are only available in 1-ply. “Pebbled” napkins have a bumpy embossing pattern throughout the entire napkin surface. The pebbled embossing pattern is reserved primarily for dispenser napkins.

1. Semi-crepe emboss 2. Facial ("coined edge") emboss 3. Pebbled emboss

Paper Napkin Sizing:

Beverage/cocktail and Luncheon Napkins:

We manufacture napkins in multiple sizes. The standard beverage/cocktail napkin, the most widely used and versatile or our printed products, has a finished size of 5” x 5”. The luncheon napkin, a larger form of the traditional cocktail napkin, has a finished size of 6.5” by 6.5”. Both napkins print as open sheets with four fully-customizable panels, can be ordered in 1, 2, or 3-ply formats, and can have either facial or semi-crepe embossing, permitting near endless versatility and customizability in the finished product.
Folded luncheon and beverage/cocktail napkins
Unfolded four-paneled luncheon and beverage/cocktail napkins

Dinner Napkins:

Our dinner napkins are available in three different open sizes that fold into four distinct products. Our 13” x 17” dinner napkin folds to a 4.25” x 8.5” finished product, our 15” x 17” dinner napkin folds to a 4.25” x 7.5” finished product, and our 17” x 17” dinner napkin folds to either a 4.25” x 8.5” or 8.5” x 8.5” final product. All but our 8.5” x 8.5” dinner napkin are available as 1-, 2-, or 3-ply. The 8.5” x 8.5” is only available as 2- or 3-ply.
13", 15", and 17" x 17" dinner napkins, folded
13", 15", 17" x 17" dinner napkins, unfolded

Dispenser Napkins:

We also manufacture 1-ply dispenser napkins in two sizes: 12” x 13” and 13” x 17”, both of which fold to the industry-standard size of 6.5” x 4.5” and fit within any standard tabletop dispenser. We manufacture both sizes as 1-ply; however, the larger product generates a thicker, higher-quality product, similar to that yielded by a 2-ply napkin.

*note: our dispenser napkins are made to fit only standard tabletop or counter napkin dispensers

Tabletop napkin dispenser with customized kraft napkins
Custom kraft and white dispenser napkins

"Linen-like" Paper Napkins:

We provide our paper linen napkins in four distinct sizes. Our dinner napkin is manufactured as a 17x17 open sheet that folds to 4.25 x 8.5”. Our paper napkin guest towels, which replace standard paper towels in upscale establishments, come in two open sheet sizes, 12” x 17” and 8” x 17”, which fold to 4.25” x 8.5” and 4” x 8.5” respectively. We also manufacture paper linen beverage/cocktail napkins in the standard beverage size of 10” x10” open sheet and 5” by 5” folded. Paper linen napkins do not require embossing and are not measured by ply, resulting in a smoother, sleeker product well-suited to replace traditional cloth napkins in any establishment.

1. Paper linen dinner napkin 2. Paper linen guest towel 3. Paper linen "saver" guest towel 4. Paper linen cocktail/beverage napkin

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